Inquiring minds want to know, “What is the season’s colour?”

These well-known “trends” come and go as quickly as 5G can transmit data. Good Objects

STYLE QUESTIONS Annetta, 58, would like to refresh her wardrobe with pieces that are more on the “fashionable” side this coming winter. But is this thing truly out there?

This is arguably the question that gets asked the most often by those in the fashion industry… as well as most likely the one that irritates them the most. If you ask a writer who is familiar with catwalks, she will respond, with a tone of snobbery, “We are not in the 1950s anymore! There are no more colors associated with specific seasons for the simple reason that seasons no longer exist. She will speak there not on climate change (although it is an important topic), but rather about trends.

The days of the great women’s press are long gone. Back then, every six months, the press would universally headline articles with phrases such as “tweed, king of winter” and “next summer cultivates the liberty print.” These well-known “trends” have been coming and going at the pace of 5G for the past twenty years, ever since Zara, then e-shops, and more recently “drops” (not the rugby gesture, but the anglicism indicating collections sold in editions and in very limited timeframes).

referred to as “ultraviolet,”

On the other hand, Annetta, we, too, are looking for reassurance and a place to “hang up the wheels” of modernity at…

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