Invention of “French-style” wristwatches again

Pierre Lannier’s watch from 1977, which honors the 45th anniversary of the brand and is available only in a limited edition, features entirely French-made components except for the dial. Pierre Lannier

DECRYPTION – In the face of the preeminence of Swiss watchmaking, timepieces crafted in France by French firms continue to amaze with their inventiveness and level of expertise.

The times are shifting, and fortunately for tricolor watches, it’s for the better. In addition, we no longer refer to them as being French but rather as being “à la Francaise.” The Francexplosion collective is getting ready to launch a massive campaign centered on this topic, which will feature nine different locally produced clocks. “Our goal is not to create Franco-Swiss antagonism, but to express our watchmaking wealth, which is a living culture,” Hervé Buffet, general delegate of the Francexplosion collective, who has identified approximately 85 brands of varying sizes, explains. “Our goal is not to create antagonism between France and Switzerland.” What exactly does it mean to have a watch that is “French-style”? A watch that was “invented” in France by a firm that is based in France. We were motivated to change our definition thanks to Apple, which has distanced itself from the question of where its products are manufactured. The priority is placed on the brand as well as the goods. Obviously, the greater the number of French elements that are present, the more satisfied we will be. The purpose of this project is to reindustrialize specific links in the chain that are not present in the region at present. ” Don’t we now see, do…

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