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Nautical Style Logbook

Oilskins, jackets, and boat shoes are making a resurgence as a result of the allure of open water, the charm of Éric Tabarly, and the timeless elegance of yachtsmen. People living in the city who are looking for exciting new experiences have a multitude of reasons to revisit these things. a wardrobe that is unaffected by the ephemeral fashion trends of the moment.

To use an old saying attributed to Renaud, “It’s not the man who takes to the sea; it’s the sea that takes the man.” On the other hand, it is most likely going to be the male student who, upon returning to school in the year 2022, will put on the captain’s uniform. Things like sailor tops, pea jackets, raincoats, sailor sweaters, sea bass blazers, and boat shoes have never been more trendy than they are right now. There is nothing new or interesting concealed behind the spray. The panoply of the navigator is a tried-and-true component of men’s clothing that has stood the test of time. A standard of elegance that has been proven to maintain its relevance over time. According to Gauthier Borsarello, the artistic director of Fursac, who was inspired by it for his summer 2023 collection, nautical gear, which was intended almost entirely for one function: sailing, is reassuring for our clients, just like military clothing and business wear. On the other hand, in contrast to the armory of the worker or the soldier, it exudes particular poetry that is unique to the cosmos of the Big Blue.

It is not possible to tell who is hiding behind the officer’s coat, the sailor’s jacket, the quartermaster’s parka, or the submariner’s sweater. All of these cloaks have been thoroughly searched.

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