Makeup technique called Lucia Pica, or “sensitive make-up,”

Ben Gorham, the company’s creator, is pictured here with the company’s make-up artist, Lucia Pica. ByRedo

A makeup artist born in Naples received her training in London and currently resides in Paris. She is responsible for translating the world of Swedish Ben Gorham, the founder of the perfume brand Byredo, into understated make-up.

It is a fully clear “Liquid Lipstick” with a vinyl gloss that imparts an impression of straightforwardness on the lips (but also the eyes). The initial cosmetics look that Lucia Pica created for Byredo is a statement of an understatement because it has no pigment. “This liquid consistency is a reference to the very heart of the company, which is the scent. Not only does it give the idea of fluidity and movement, but it also expresses feelings in the same manner that a smell would. elucidates the Neapolitan method. I always find it more interesting to talk about my personal experiences and how I feel about different colors and textures, and how those things can affect our mood and help us feel better.

Pigments and post-pandemic

The use of cosmetics as visual support for one’s feelings. Since he first introduced Byredo perfumes in 2006, Ben Gorham has been doing work revolving around odors and memories, and this fits in well with that (now part of Puig). If he had decided to launch his first eyeshadow collection in 2020, he would have used pigments and hues that were more saturated.

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