Malys Seydoux-Dumas: a poet with golden hands

The artist justifies his decision by saying, “It would be easy to reveal and convey dark things, but I refuse to do so because I wish to bring air.” MSD

This delicate artisan has just conceived of some beautiful jewelry for the MiniMasterpiece exhibition in Paris, and the inspiration for it came from apple peels.

As one climbs the stairs that lead to Malys Seydoux-Dumas, which is located on a shopping street in the 17th arrondissement of Paris, one begins to wonder about the distance between the floor and the ceiling of his studio. As soon as one steps over the threshold, this is proven to be true: a massive glass ceiling floods the abode of this multi-talented artist with light (coming, of course, from the direction of the north). Twenty of those years have been spent with the company. A huge tapestry, a few plants, seashells, and starfish displayed on a large paper cabinet, easels, and a large palette covered in paints are mounted on the walls of the room. In addition, there is a monumental tapestry. Even while there is an activity within the confines of the building, the overall ambiance exudes a calming serenity.

By displaying a painting of apple peel that she created two years ago for an exhibition in Varengeville-Sur-Mer, a community in Haute-Normandie close to Dieppe where she spent her high school years and now has a…

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