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Maria Grazia Chiuri’s Dior presentation honours Catherine de Medici

Maria Grazia Chiuri dedicates a powerful Dior show to Catherine de Medici
Maria Grazia Chiuri, the Cantor of Sorority, has dedicated her Spring-Summer 2023 collection to “the powerful woman” par excellence, Catherine de Medici. JULIEN DE ROSA/AFP

REPORTAGE – The home on Avenue Montaigne has given a mystical, feminine, and the desired collection in the Tuileries Gardens, where Catherine de Medici, the Italian to whom the exhibition is devoted, had a palace erected in 1564. The show is named after her.

In front of the gates of the Tuileries park on Tuesday afternoon, a dozen protesters can be seen laughing as they hold up posters that bear their first names and ages. These fifty and more years argue (delightfully) for a shift in the way that society perceives “aged” and for an end to this frenetic drive towards youthism… If Maria Grazia Chiuri, whose Dior fashion show is held on the grounds, had been aware that the guests were going to be there, she most surely would have invited them inside. The day before, in her offices, didn’t she talk about the place of women, their representation, and the problems they face? Cantor of the sorority, the Italian has decided to dedicate her spring-summer 2023 collection to “the most powerful woman” in history: Catherine de Medici. According to one of his compatriots, “It represents the historical links that have existed between France and Italy.” She always utilized dress to express authority, and she was the one who introduced the heeled shoe to the court so that she could appear taller. Similarly, she chose to differentiate herself by solely wearing black.

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