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Melisa Raouf, a natural beauty from England

Melisa Raouf, an unvarnished Miss in England
Melissa Raouf was the very first contestant to win the title of Miss “no-makeup” when the competition was first held in 1928. Instagram

COMPETITION – On Monday evening, for the first time in the history of Miss England, a candidate participated in the final without gloss or mascara crisp with the look of her opponents. This was a first in the competition’s history. The student of political science plans to “show that we have the choice to not wear cosmetics” if she is not successful in her attempt to win the crown.

Not a single gram of pigment could be found on the face. There are to be no fake eyelashes or pencil lines, even less makeup, and no glitter. Melisa Raouf competed in the final of Miss England on Monday, October 17, with her face completely uncovered. The first since 1928, which was also the year when the competition started. She is the only one in the universe of misses to have taken this brave choice even though she is naturally attractive just like the other thirty contenders. This political science student sought to inspire the young people who followed in her footsteps to challenge the beauty ideals that are mostly upheld by social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok.

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“It means a lot to me because I feel like a lot of girls of different ages wear makeup because they feel compelled to.”, she revealed in August to the British newspaper Independent. At the time, she was encouraging his congeners to accept faults and imperfections ” because we know that true beauty lies in simplicity.”

Angie Beasley, who has crowned Miss England, is known as “the first redhead to style the crown.”

It is important to note that for participants to be considered, they have to submit a photo of themselves in their natural state. A measure that was implemented in 2019 by Angie Beasley, the organizer of Miss England, to “encourage women to show who they truly are without having to hide behind makeup and social media filters.” However, even in this day and age of body positivity, aesthetic injunctions continue to be enforced. And the beauty queen who is renowned for her poise was forced to submit her crown to Jessica Gagen yesterday. Immediately characterized as “the first redhead to be crowned with the rhinestone tiara” by the tabloids that are published in Britain.

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