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Messages from the front row at the Weinsanto and Botter runway shows

The Weinsanto and Botter fashion shows, personal messages
The Dutch design pair behind Botter is responsible for introducing tube dresses made from fibers derived from seaweed; these dresses have been quite successful (including one with an abstract print inspired by the seabed). Kick

REPORTAGE – We were able to witness the parades of Victor Weisanto, a young man from Strasbourg who is only 28 years old, and the Dutch duo who won the Andam 2022 prize.

A young man from Strasbourg at the age of 28 who arrived late at Weinsantowe and attended the Victor Weinsanto Next Summer Parade was seen on Tuesday evening standing in the courtyard of 35-37 rue des Francs-Bourgeois with the company of people who were walking by. We were mature about it and learned a lot from the experience. The comments are not stung by the bugs since they are confronted by this colorful parade, which includes the drag queens Paloma and La Grande Dame, the presenter Daphné Bürki, the young French inventors of Egonlab, and even Charles de Vilmorin. A man who is interested in the topic asks another, “They’re still ubiquitous right now, aren’t they?” about drag queens. “Noémie Lenoir (the top model who starts the show; editor’s note: this is important) is still my favorite,” a third person chuckles.

A young lady concludes that “It’s too much for (her)” as she watches the artist and designer Michaela Stark go by in a sheer white tulle dress with her braided wig wrapped around her nipples and clipped to her nipples. Victor does not give a damn about any of these “criticisms.” “This procession…

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