Must I forego my summer highlights in order to cover my white hair?

Playing up your flaws to appear more natural is the goal here, which goes beyond simple concealment. Good Objects

QUESTION(S) RELATING TO STYLE – A Note to Readers: Marion B., 45, wants to maintain the lighter shade of her hair that she achieved during her trip to the Atlantic coast but she is not concerned about the regrowth of her greying roots throughout the fall.

It would be necessary to overlook everything about the symbolism of the hair (from Samson to Bérénice) to underestimate this question, which plunges many middle-aged women, to put it modestly, into affliction in this new school year. Bérénice and Samson are just two examples.

Marion B. is at a loss for what to do about her greying temples and the white strands that have started to reappear as September draws closer. Her hair was lighted by the sun while she was on vacation, and the chlorine and spray from the swimming pool made it look like a prize. Still hoping that the summer will be extended or that you will be able to get back into the routine of coloring at the salon, which can often feel like an alienating experience?

Cheat until the conclusion of the Indian summer.

“My clients often tell me that they have the sensation of having less white hair during their holidays, that it’s as if they resurface at the start of the school year,” noted hairdresser Marisol. “It’s as if they reappear at the beginning of the school year.” It is a phenomenon related to optics. When the sun is at its peak, they lose its opaque appearance and become one with the surrounding mass. But by the end of August, the light will have heightened the contrast between them.” The knowledgeable individual claims that…

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