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New York City Dawns Covered With the First Snow of the Year

New York City dawns

New York City woke up today covered in white after the first snow of the winter and of the year, although it has been a relatively moderate snowfall compared to other winters.

Already since yesterday afternoon, there were meteorological warnings of a snowstorm that would leave a layer of up to 3 inches (seven centimeters), that is, a lower snowfall than the one that fell further south at the beginning of this week, in the city of Washington. and its surroundings.

The state authorities have warned about the risks of circulating on the roads and have advised against unnecessary trips, while in the city the snowplows have worked throughout the night to clear the main streets to vehicular traffic.

Since yesterday, tons of salt have already been distributed at several important crossings and at the entrances of subway stations to avoid slips and accidents.

The airports in the region (La Guardia, Boston, JFK, and Newark, in that order), today register the highest number of cancellations in departure worldwide, about 600 flights, according to the specialized portal Flight Aware, although it joins, in This case, is also the impact of the COVID, which is hitting all airline personnel hard.

However, the city’s schools have remained open, which has generated not a little criticism, and Mayor Eric Adams has come out to justify the measure: “We have not a day to lose, and the long-term impact of leaving Children at home will affect us for years, something to which I do not intend to contribute, “he said.

Adams was referring in this way to the decision of the city and the state to keep schools open also despite the coronavirus epidemic, with figures that exceeded 80,000 positive cases yesterday, given the experience that they consider a failure to choose by distance learning in the first phase of the pandemic.

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