The art of knot-tying, as demonstrated by Alexandre Chapellier

Even now, Alexandre Chapellier makes use of the scissors and sewing meter that belonged to his great-uncle. Cyril Chigot/SDP

Cinnabar Paris was founded by this “neck dresser,” and the brand’s men’s luxury accessories have already won over the likes of Emmanuel Macron, Yann Barthès, and Pharrell Williams.

Alexandre Chapellier is an entrepreneur, creator, as well as DJ, and collector of robots; all of these talents and passions mix and interact with one another. This youngster of the age known as “jacks of all trades” came up with the idea for the niche brand Cinabre, which produces neckties, bow ties, and other accessories. “When I first met her, I identified myself as a neck dresser,” he says to explain his first behavior. Before even considering the purse or the shoes, I find that what you wear there is the accessory that draws the most attention.


It was in 2009 when he first met Michel Goma, the designer for the house John Patou, and he exclaimed, “It was the click!” Michel became my guide and instructor, instructing me on various materials and hues. This Franco-Swedish man was born in Paris, but his great-uncle and great-grandfather were also tailored in Sweden. This event feels like a return to his roots. Even now, Alexandre makes use of the scissors and sewing tape measure that belonged to his great-uncle. Every item, except the cashmere scarves created from recycled materials, is crafted by hand in a workshop in Loir-et-Cher, where the know-how…

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