The California Fantasy of Ralph Lauren

All of Ralph Lauren’s ready-to-wear collections for spring and summer 2023 were shown for the first time at the foot of the Huntington library by Ralph Lauren, who is pictured in the center. Ralph Lauren

The New York designer demonstrated on Thursday, October 13, with a display in Pasadena – the first on the West Coast in his 55-year career – that at the age of 83, he continues to reign as the monarch of this America’s “love, glory, and beauty” that inspires dreams all over the world.

Ralph Lauren is universally admired by everyone. Because, among its collections, there is something that caters to the interests of every customer. Any woman can find what she is looking for, whether it be for the day or the evening, to go to work, on the weekends, or even for sport, whether she is a very traditional bourgeois or a young girl looking for coolness. This is true whether it is for the day or the evening, for work, on the weekends, or even for sport. In its stores, you will always be able to find the right coat, the right skirt, and the right pants for the season… To summarise, things that truly stand the test of time. At the dinner hosted by the New York designer on the evening of Wednesday, the day before the New York designer’s very first exhibition… in California, a French colleague confided in us that only a select few businesses can claim to have accomplished such a feat.

Therefore, in his fifty-five years as a fashion designer, Ralph Lauren, who is widely regarded as the person who best exemplifies the American way of life, has never marched anywhere else on American soil other than in New York City. Nevertheless, for the past half a century, Kid du Bronx has never stopped drawing on more or less fundamental aspects of American iconography…

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