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The Golden Triangle that is Prada

Prada and its golden triangle
The Eternal Gold line, which was conceptualized and designed by Miuccia Prada, pays homage to the great jewelry classics of the chain, the heart, and geometric shapes. Prada

THE REPORT – The Italian fashion business has recently introduced a new collection made of recycled and certified metal in which the three-sided polygon, a shape that is particularly significant to the brand, plays a prominent role.

Special envoy to Milan

We had a fantasy that we would be able to talk jewelry with Miuccia Prada when she was promoting the launch of the first range of Prada jewelry. The decision, though, was irreversible: “Madame Prada will not speak on this launch.” We would have loved to have asked her about her collection of vintage pieces, which she shows off piece by piece (but more and more regularly) whenever she exits the backstage area after one of her performances or while she is attending public events. Her unique sense of style has garnered her a large number of devoted followers, and jewelry nerds find joy in seeing her public appearances. Because of this, they observed his accumulation of two pearl and diamond necklaces, in the style of the Belle Époque, which had a crazy effect on his ultra-simple, almost macho white jacket. This took place at Milan Fashion Week last month.

The same people have also seen her wearing the enormous engraved gold cuff that she has on her sweater, with the sleeves rolled up and above the elbow. This has been observed on multiple occasions. As a result, there will be no interviews with the press this time; however, the teams…

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