The Japanese are out in full force for Fashion Week

Since the pandemic, Japanese designers have made their way back into the industry. Issey Miyake/Junya Watanabe/Like Boys

DECRYPTION – Since the pandemic, Japanese designers, who are one of the keys to a successful Paris Fashion Week, have only paraded at home, exposing their locker rooms on camera. This has caused significant disruption to the fashion week. They have (at long last) returned.

Thursday, June 23, 11:30 a.m.

Is it necessary to remind you that the collections of Issey Miyake Pleated Man are designed for discerning gentlemen who are constantly on the move? If you ask one of his devoted clients, they will gush about how comfortable his new suits are, as well as how easily they can be packed away in a bag and how they always emerge looking perfect. However, a group of dancers and acrobats once again display the tank tops and carrot pants sets in color block pleats (clearly), the coats with colorful figurative flowers, and the anoraks with removable pockets for the next summer. Having said that, the performance that is being put on by Compagnie XY and is being directed by Rachid Ouramdane is incontestably lyrical.

Issey Miyake with a Pleated Front Issey Miyake with a Pleated Front

Friday, June 24, 10 a.m.

Junya Watanabe, one of these Japanese spearheads, is back on the official schedule, and it hasn’t changed at all since she was originally included (either). We are quick to notice his art of surrounding himself with beautiful things, as well as his science of hybridization (work jackets with leather inserts, patchwork jeans, blazers with elements stolen from bombers).

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