Wedding preparations and male fashion trends

THE CHRONICLE OF JULIEN SCAVINI The newlyweds are looking for something lighthearted and unique, with a touch of the rural spirit.

After being restricted for the past two years due to health concerns, the wedding season has finally begun. But now it’s the tailors who are having trouble sourcing fabric as a result of the twin effect of there being a shortage of wool and excessive demand. It is important to take note that the custom of wearing a jacket is still very much alive and being upheld.

And the lion’s portion goes to that side outfit, which is navy blue, of course. In contrast, the fad of wearing royal blue or electric Klein blue is no longer popular. This gaudy trend from the 2010s has had its moment in the spotlight. On the other hand, the arrival of the sky-blue suit was something to be remembered. Who on earth would have thought that? Having said that, the true innovation is in the color green, in all of its nuances. The drapers have taken careful note of it and report that stock is running low. Because of the popularity of the military trend of green over the past several years, sage green and parsley green, both of which have a sweetish tone and even a hint of verdigris, are no longer considered frightening colors. Including those with three separate pieces.

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The bride and groom are looking for simplicity and…

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