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When I go back to work, is it okay if I wear my Birkenstocks?

Can I keep my Birkenstocks to return to the office?
“La” Birkenstock is both a major piece of 20th-century design
e century and an example of 21st-century entrepreneurship
e century. Good Objects

We haven’t taken off our summer sandals. Are they OK for you to wear if you want to make a comeback to your employer that has very traditional dress codes?

You finally caved into the allure of Birkenstocks this summer. A few years ago, you derided Birkenstocks as “that terrible German tourist sandal.” This year, however, you surrendered to its charms. You haven’t taken off your Arizona sandals (the type with two broad straps with an adjustable buckle), your Madrid sandals (the variant with a single strap that looks like old nurse’s sandals), or your Gizeh sandals during your paid leave (with between your fingers thong style). However, if your feet have ended up marrying the “anatomical” shape of the well-known cork sole, you may find yourself questioning whether or not it is realistic to expect this holiday love to survive.

It is true that there is a dress code for leisure and that there is a cloakroom in the office; but, even though men have been known to remove their ties and women have hung up their skirt suits in recent years, we do not wear shorts or sarongs to the office. . However, if sandals and worn-out shoes are not suggested, the “Birk,” which is their nickname, are worthy of further research because their status has surpassed that of…

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