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When it comes to style, Ferrari goes all out.

At Ferrari, fashion at full speed
Relief is provided to feminine technical knit sweaters by the sponsors, which may take the form of the Shell shell, the Amazon logo, the coat of arms of Rampant Cavallino, a prancing horse, etc. Photo credit should be given to Filippo Fior /

STYLE The fashion designer Rocco Iannone can give flesh to the vehicle company by integrating the functionality of work clothes with the norms of women’s wardrobes. This is how he gives the car manufacturing style.

Enzo Ferrari, who passed away in 1988, was known for his modesty. He once quipped, “I’m only an engine maker.” If only he’d realized that his name would one day be attached to the title of the fashion designer as well… In 2021, during a parade held in the plant in Maranello, the Il Commendatore brand unveiled the outfit with its signature colors there. She participated in Milan Fashion Week and presented her presentation in a hangar, which was too impersonal for discussing the garments. This was six months ago.

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On the morning of this past Sunday, she turned ninety and celebrated the occasion by hosting a hundred guests in the exquisite Teatro Lirico in Milan, which has recently undergone refurbishment. In the first row is race car driver Carlos Sain, John Elkann, whose family group owns several businesses, including the Scuderia, Benedetto Vigna, the team’s president, as well as Delphine Arnault Arnault, whose husband Xavier Niel serves on the board of directors, and Benedetto Vigna.

Rocco Iannone, artistic director of Ferrari, has chosen to tell “the ideal made feasible by Enzo Ferrari, (…) a dream that…

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