Which way to go with Burberry and Riccardo Tisci?

Burberry’s collection for the spring and summer of 2023. Isidore Montage/Gorunway provided the photograph.

On Monday in London, the Italian designer, about whom there have been numerous speculations circulating regarding his impending resignation, exhibited his funny men’s and women’s collection that was inspired by English beaches.

Special envoy to London

Between the conclusion of Milan Fashion Week on Sunday and the beginning of Paris Fashion Week on Monday evening, only Riccardo Tisci and Burberry will be able to send over 300 visitors (including Kanye West and the actors) to London. Burberry is the only company that can pull this off. blockbuster television series Bridgerton and Industry) and the industry’s most notable models (Bella Hadid, Naomi Campbell).

A postal sorting shed located south of the Thames is where all of these stunning people congregate. The question “Is this the last?” was on everyone’s mind as the event came to a close. It has been a few weeks since the story began to circulate: according to the well-informed Women’s Wear Daily, the Italian, who has presided over the fortunes of Burberry since 2018, is reported to be on the way out… This spring-summer 2023 fashion show was supposed to take place on September 17, but it was postponed because of the burial of Elizabeth II. It was anticipated that the show would receive a great deal of attention.

Read also what Riccardo Tisci had to say about how the French have a very close affinity with both Burberry and himself:

After skillfully playing with the conventions of the British bourgeoisie in his parade in March of last year, which seemed to prove that Tisci had found his voice (and his…), Tisci has decided to step down as creative director of the fashion house.

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