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Wonderland at Loewe for Fashion Week

Fashion Week: In Loewe's Wonderland
Spring-Summer 2023 The Loewe show will take place on September 30, 2022, as part of Paris Fashion Week. THIERRY CHESNUT/Getty Images, used with permission of AFP

Arum and illusions were designed by Jonathan Anderson for the exquisite collection that was released by the Spanish label. Off-White is home to both concept and tap shoes. A woman who is “extra” ordinary was spotted at the Rick Owens show.

On the morning of Friday, Jonathan Anderson meets the Republican Guard at the location where his summer 2022 collection had paraded during an anthology display, receiving unanimous applause from the audience. While he has, in the meantime, pushed the limits of experimentation, this return demonstrates that the boundary is tenuous between real creation (even in ready-to-wear) and the disconnected ready-made of the woman to whom fashion is supposed to address. While he has pushed the limits of experimentation, this return shows that the boundary is tenuous. A phallic symbol if there ever was one – a big fiberglass arum flower serves as the focal point of the design; Guy Bourdin would not accept anything less. Anderson chooses not to emphasize the sensual aspect of the flower but instead justifies his decision by pointing out how bizarre it is that the bloom is so “plastic” that you can never tell if it is real or not. This manner that nature plays with deception fascinates him more than the present “fake digital realities.” When Taylor Russell, the young actress who appears on the poster for the highly anticipated film Bones and All directed by Luca Guadagnino, emerges through the central hatch, the attention of the general audience is intense.

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