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The US makes its travel recommendations more flexible to 60 countries, Spain included

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) of the United States have relaxed their recommendations to travel to 60 countries that were considered very high risk due to the pandemic, and have included in this improvement a good part of the Member States of the European Union, including Spain.

According to the information provided this Tuesday by the CDC to Efe, these countries thus pass from level 4 of “very high” risk – for which it is recommended that Americans never travel there, and only do so in cases of force majeure and vaccinated – at level 3, of “high” risk, which eliminates the recommendation not to go to these destinations but continues to advise that it be done once the vaccine has been given.

Along with Spain, other European Union countries such as Germany, France, Italy, Portugal, Greece, Austria, Denmark, Poland, Hungary and Cyprus drop to level 3 .

However, other EU countries such as Belgium, the Czech Republic or Sweden, among others , follow in number 4 .

Russia, Norway, Turkey or South Africa are in this group which is low but still at high risk, as is the United States itself.

Most of Latin America remains at “very high” risk

Mexico, Ecuador and Honduras also go to level 3, while most of the Latin American countries, with the exception of those mentioned and Peru and Guatemala, nevertheless remain at level 4.

On the other hand, there are improvements for another 17 countries that leave group 3 of “high” risk and go to 2, the “moderate”. Among this group are El Salvador or Barbados, as well as Kenya, Equatorial Guinea or Angola.

And more than thirty territories manage to place themselves in the low risk level, including Israel, Iceland, South Korea or Malta.

Other countries, however, fall into an uncertain category, that of “unknown”, as happens to Ireland, Sudan or Afghanistan. In these cases, the CDC recommends not traveling to these territories.

Biden’s first trip

The relaxation of the CDC is known the same week that US President Joe Biden makes his first trip abroad, which will take him first to the United Kingdom , then to Brussels to participate in a NATO meeting and a summit between the EU and the United States to end in Geneva with a bilateral meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin .

The CDC classifications of travel risk levels are different from those of the State Department, which can add other factors such as security to the factors related to the pandemic.

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