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Training for Construction Workers intensifies in New York

Training for construction workers intensifies in New York

While statistics have shown that the victims of construction accidents are immigrants, community organizations like Alianza Ecuatoriana Internacional, based in the popular neighborhood of Corona, in Queens, remain very active in offering support to workers.

Mr. Walther Sinche, Executive Director of Alianza Ecuatoriana Internacional, together with several students from the job training courses offered by the organization, has been an important promoter of the fight against Covid-19.

Alianza Ecuatoriana Internacional, led by husband and wife Walter Since and Aida Illisca, continues with an intense calendar of training classes, focused mainly on the construction area. Among other courses they are teaching Commercial Electricity, a theoretical-practical training for reading plans, codes, and construction symbols, among others, the course began on Tuesday, January 18 and lasts a week.

Among other professional training courses in the construction industry, Alianza Ecuatoriana offers courses of 10, 30, and 40 hours on OSHA or occupational safety, on the scaffolding of 4, 16, and 32 hours, on support and suspension in construction, on electricity residential and commercial, reading plans, level 1 and 2, for the function of handyman, for handling silica, for construction supervisor the 62-hour course.

Poster on Facebook profile of interesting training for construction workers.

From January 11 to 18, a course for construction estimates was given, especially aimed at entrepreneurs who want to start their own construction company, and it was given at the most accessible times for immigrant workers. On the weekend of January 13 and 14, the 16-hour course on Scaffolds, or scaffolding, was given, and on January 15, the four-hour course on the use of flags, or signaling in construction projects, was given.

In addition to promoting its job training programs, Alianza Ecuatoriana promotes the progress of the community, amplifying information about all the resources and activities that favor their well-being, such as vaccination, free Covid-19 testing sites, for which disseminates information on activities organized by area elected officials, which are free.

From January 25 to 31, the second level of the course for blueprint reading will be held from 6 PM to 10 PM. One of the most requested courses in the 40-hour OSHA course, which is held on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays and includes free lunch for all students. This course is essential for construction workers and Alianza Ecuatoriana already has available the new OMNY format of official credentials for construction workers, which is mandatory to use according to the Department of Buildings of the City of New York.

The new OMNY format for students who wish to replace their SST credentials and avoid being barred from their construction workplace is now available at Alianza Ecuatoriana Internacional.


Additionally, Alianza Ecuatoriana shares important information for the progress of immigrants through its social networks, such as the free courses offered by the city of New York, for people over twenty-one years of age.

The directors of the organization report that it is a city program and that generally, people do not know about it, particularly during this post-pandemic time, it is important for migrants to know about these benefits that are offered totally free, which are very good programs. that can be used, not only for learning English, but also to obtain the GED, -which is a certification equivalent to a high school or high school diploma- and to learn computers.

The spacious and well-equipped facilities of Alianza Ecuatoriana Internacional on Ave. Roosevelt and 104th Street in Corona, Queens, receive immigrant workers to provide them with the labor tools that are required to progress in this country.

As Lic. Aida Illisaca reported, this is a school program for adults that Alianza Ecuatoriana supports and shares information, so that immigrants find out and that when well-known community organizations promote them, people have more confidence, there is a support that helps to overcome the fears of immigrants in the face of so many cases of scam.

These courses are offered Monday through Friday, mornings or afternoons, and also Saturday mornings and afternoons in Queens, Brooklyn, and the Bronx. As Lic. Illisca affirms, people want to study but they are wandering around and can’t find a place. This city project has classes in many schools, you should call and ask for the schedules, there are options for people who work at night, for housewives, etc.

As Lic. Illisca reiterates, “At Alianza Internacional, we continue with our own programs, with our classes for construction workers because there are many people who have arrived this season who need support such as the 40-hour classes that are mandatory, or to learn to read plans or make estimates of construction works, equally, for those who want to start their own companies.”

“We develop our courses around the needs of the community and what is happening, especially with the pandemic, which is not over, but we have great projects and we are moving forward. Construction is what the community demands the most, but we have a project to facilitate Covid tests, which we are in the planning stage, that is, it is still under development, but we will inform you soon, so we invite you to follow us on social networks. ”

Alianza Ecuatoriana Internacional is located on the 2nd floor of 104 08 Ave. Roosevelt, Corona, NY 11368 and the phone number is (718) 576-5311 or (718) 255-1136.

To get there by public transport, you must take Train 7 to the 103rd Corona Plaza station, walk towards the small square towards 104th Street, in the direction of Delgado Travel. The entrance is on Roosevelt Ave.

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