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Empire: Cristina finds Cora younger and throws shrew against the wall


Cristina ( Leandra Leal ) will find it unbelievable that Cora ( Marjorie Estiano ) appeared younger in Império. In the chapter this Monday (9), she will throw her aunt against the wall to find out what caused her rejuvenation. The villain is unhappy for not remembering the night of love with José Alfredo ( Alexandre Nero ) and would try to get it out in the open.

Without asking, Cora will go after the man in black : “You bastard! You bastard!”. When explaining the situation to Marta (Lilia Cabral), she will say: “What happened was that your husband slept with me for the pleasure of taking my virginity, and he just left in the middle of the night and left me without paying.”

“What happened? Are you the same as when I was a child? (…) What was that? Was it a spell? Was it a miracle?”, Cristina will be amazed . José Alfredo will interrupt the bickering and take everyone to a meeting room to avoid shacks.

Other emotions in Empire

In this second chapter, Cora is furious with José Alfredo. Claudio tries to get Enrico to confess the name of his accomplice. Cora cries thinking about José Alfredo. José Alfredo gives a piece of his diamond to each of his children. Danielle records a statement for Maurílio about José Pedro’s family. Jurema goes to Cora to find out about Jairo.

Leonardo claims that he will return Amanda the money her friend spent on him. Vicente returns to the restaurant and thanks Felipe for his help. Maria Marta asks José Pedro to leave Danielle. João Lucas tells Du that he will fulfill the promise he made to his father when he won his diamond. Amanda insinuates herself for José Pedro. Maurílio tells Téo about the recording made by Danielle. José Alfredo is looking for Maria Isis.

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