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Covid-19: how will the “immediate” work stoppage work in the event of coronavirus symptoms or contact?

corona 19

The government has decided to remove the waiting day and simplify the procedure for obtaining a work stoppage, without medical advice, from January 10.

The government is trying to strengthen its “test, trace, isolate” strategy . The Prime Minister announced , Thursday, January 7, new tools to  “better guarantee the effectiveness of the isolation of positive people and their contact cases” . One measure was put forward: the possibility of obtaining an immediate work stoppage, without medical consultation and without waiting period, in the event of the appearance of symptoms of Covid-19 or of contact with a person carrying the virus.

An online declaration

What to do in case of symptoms or contact with an infected person? The approach is simplified to “encourage the most people with symptoms to stay isolated in their homes” , according to the Ministry of Health . It will therefore suffice to declare, from January 10, on the site or, to obtain a work stoppage.

Almost full compensation

The other novelty of this work stoppage concerns the compensation received. This approach makes it possible to benefit from the payment of daily allowances and the employer supplement, without waiting period or entitlement conditions, from the declaration of symptoms and the first day of quitting. The government thus intends to  “respond to fears relating to the consequences on the remuneration” of the French, who continue to go to work despite symptoms evoking Covid-19, explained Olivier Véran, Minister of Solidarity and Health.

“The employee receives a daily allowance paid by Health Insurance, up to 50% of the gross salary, and an additional allowance paid by the employer, of 90% of the gross salary, from the first day of stoppage. replacement rate reached 99% of net salary “ , details the Ministry of Health to Franceinfo.

A compulsory test

In order to obtain this work stoppage, the person concerned must undertake to perform an antigen test or RT-PCR within two days of the declaration. If no test is performed within this period, the shutdown will not be compensated at all.

If the result of the test is negative, she can resume her professional activity and “the work stoppage is interrupted the same evening” , specifies the Ministry of Health to franceinfo. If the test is positive, the sick leave is then prolonged, with a follow-up of the Medicare. Finally, if symptoms persist after obtaining a negative test for the coronavirus, the person must this time consult a doctor who may possibly prescribe a sick leave.

Health insurance monitoring

Once the process has started, Medicare will carry out a “systematic follow-up , with two to three phone calls over seven days,” the Prime Minister said. This only concerns people whose test is positive, specifies the Ministry of Health to Franceinfo. In addition to that, “a home visit by a nurse” will be offered, from January 20, added Jean Castex.

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