Isabel Díaz-Ayuso vindicates Hispanicity in New York: “indigenism is the new communism”

The president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz-Ayuso, today made a closed defense of “hispanidad” in New York and charged against “populisms and indigenisms” that, according to her, have taken over several Latin American countries.

“Indigenism is the new communism, ” she proclaimed, to define the movement that calls into question the Spanish legacy in America, a legacy that according to her is counted “among the greatest milestones in history” , characterized by “the miscegenation and fusion of cultures that have made us so strong “ , in a statement made at the start of his” tour “in the United States.

“It is a new black legend that is being transmitted,” he lamented, and quoted the president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, who aspires to “undo the legacy of Spain and promote that indigenism by which he intends that citizens, through revolutions and disinformation, join a project that only brings more misery and poverty . 

The Madrid president, one of the rising values ​​of the Popular Party in Spain and with a growing popularity, considers that in America these indigenous movements are “growing alarmingly” , proposing “a Manichean revision of history and dynamiting the Spanish legacy.”

In the United States, as in Latin America, a movement of historical revisionism visible in the demolition of statues has been growing in recent years, which is defined by a questioning of all the consecrated political figures who went down in history after a relentless repression against peoples entire communities or communities, whether black or Native American.

Also in line with ideology, Ayuso considered that the “values ​​of liberal democracy” that she defends are the antipodes of the models of Cuba, Venezuela or Nicaragua, countries “mired in populism, with unacceptable numbers of unemployment, riots and citizen exodus “.

These will be the messages that he will transmit tomorrow in the Hispanic Society and later in Washington before the “Hispanic caucus” of Congress.

But, in the propositional field, Ayuso also wants to take advantage of the idea of ​​Hispanicness to “attract talent” , and cited university students, businessmen and specifically the audiovisual industry in Spanish, both music and television, sectors where he claimed the leadership of the Madrid region, where – he recalled – 45% of its inhabitants were born outside the community.

“We want to attract all that talent, the purpose of the trip is: that they feel that Madrid is their home and they dare to live with us .

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