López Obrador sees “unbeatable” conditions for the US to support migration

The president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, pointed out that there are “unbeatable” conditions to sign together with the United States a good agreement for the development of Latin America and the Caribbean and to face the migratory phenomenon with development, well-being and employment, especially in countries of American Center.

“There are unbeatable conditions to sign a good agreement for the development of Latin America and the Caribbean and in particular with the countries of Central America,” said the president during his morning press conference from the National Palace.

When questioned about the letter he sent a few days ago to his counterpart, Joe Biden, in which he asks for support to face the migration crisis in the region, López Obrador affirmed that he hopes that the US president will accept his proposal.

“I am hopeful. I see that President Biden is sensitive and has an interest in addressing the underlying problem,” he said.

He noted that the United States ambassador to Mexico, Ken Salazar, has shown interest in the issue and even traveled to the southern border to see how he can help convince the United States to apply these actions.

He also recognized the work that Biden entrusted to Vice President Kamala Harris and said he no longer wants repressive measures to tackle migration.

“Enough of wanting to fix a social problem with coercive measures. We do not want helicopter gunships. What we want is for people to have resources,” he said.

The president affirmed that if the proposal is accepted, even the Mexican government could advise on how to implement the Sowing Lives and Youth Building the Future programs, which would create 240,000 jobs in six months, in Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador.

“It is what I propose. We help them in this,” he said.

Likewise, he questioned the United States Senate about the delay it has had in responding to his proposals because he assured “this is an emergency plan.”

“Why don’t we order the migratory flow, if it is needed?” , questioned and recalled that making decisions in this regard is important since both the United States and Canada require a workforce that Latin American and Caribbean countries can provide.

The region is dealing with a historic migratory flow, with 147,000 undocumented persons detected in Mexico from January to August, triple that of 2020, and a record of 212,000 undocumented persons detained in July alone by the United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP).

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