North Korea: Kim Jong-un Welcomes Biden’s victory with new Provocation

Since the result of the American elections, North Korea had refrained from commenting on Joe Biden’s victory. This Saturday, January 9, the official agency reported that Kim Jong-un had called the United States “Pyongyang’s greatest enemy” on the occasion of the eighth party convention which has been taking place since Tuesday. The leader also said he wanted to acquire a nuclear submarine, clear provocations against Washington.

Kim Jong-un waited four days of a congress where very few images were revealed to the outside world in order to send a message to the United States, reports our correspondent in Seoul, Nicolas Rocca . The North Korean leader threatened to continue to develop the country’s nuclear capabilities, believing that the policy of Washington, “the  country’s greatest enemy  “, would not change, whoever the tenant of the White House. For Go Myung Hyun, a researcher at the Asean Institute in Seoul, it is clear that Joe Biden does not represent a positive opportunity for Pyongyang.

“  They know it won’t come from Biden, he has other priorities ,” he explains. I think Biden is sticking his head in the sand while he waits for the North Korean problem to go away but it won’t. North Korea knows that the United States is only interested in them when they create problems. This is their historical lesson, and they intend to put it into practice  ”.

Retaliation policy

As a further provocation, the country announced the start of an eye-for-eye and tooth-for-tooth policy with Washington, and the will to develop its nuclear arsenal, notably with the announcement of a nuclear submarine in the final phase. of development. This is a clear message to the new American president, who will therefore have a busy start to his mandate both in domestic politics and internationally. 

After exchanging insults and threats of nuclear war, Kim Jong-un and US President Donald Trump had made a rapprochement, marked by meetings as historic as they were symbolic.

But no progress has been made on the thorny issue of Pyongyang’s nuclear and ballistic programs. And negotiations have stalled since the resounding failure of the second summit between the two men at the end of February 2019 in Hanoi.

One of the reasons for this stalemate has been the lack of consensus on the concessions North Korea should make in exchange for lifting international sanctions against it.

But Donald Trump has never inspired North Korea to hate Joe Biden, a ”  mad dog  ” who should be ”  beaten to death  “. For his part, the president-elect called Kim Jong-un a “  thug  ”.

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