Opponent Affirms That Continuity Of Guaidó’s “Presidency” Is Constitutional

The Venezuelan opponent Delsa Solórzano assured this Saturday that the continuity of the “interim presidency” of Juan Guaidó is constitutional and that it should not be conditioned on “partisan convenience.”

“The continuity of the National Assembly (AN, Parliament) and of the Guaidó presidency is constitutional, it cannot be conditioned to the partisan convenience of any group,” he said on his Twitter account.

Solórzano argued that there are anti-Chavez sectors that “pretend” that the former deputies “violate” the Constitution, “assuming powers that only correspond to the Executive.”

The objective of said “presidency” was to achieve “free” presidential elections, considering that the elections where Nicolás Maduro was re-elected in 2018 were “illegitimate” However, to date, that task has not been fulfilled.

With the backing of the United States and Colombia, Guaidó has gone on to manage state companies that are located in those nations such as Monómeros Colombo Venezolanos SA and Citgo.

Venezuelan opposition member Enrique Sánchez Falcón proposed on Friday that the anti-Chavista bloc reform its “Transition Statute” so that Juan Guaidó can exercise the “interim presidency” with fewer controls from former AN deputies.

Falcón suggested that the functions of the “interim government” and the “interim presidency” be extended, but with the “due separation of powers” between the “government in charge” and the former deputies.

” The interim government makes sense as an instrument to get out of the dictatorship, but at this moment, in our view, the interim government has been deformed and instead of being an instrument to fight the dictatorship, it has become a kind of means in itself“he explained.

The opponent insisted on the need for political parties to separate themselves from managing assets abroad and for them to be administered by a trust.

He criticized that the anti-Chavista bloc has so far not investigated the alleged hiring of people close to Guaidó in Monómeros.

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