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The Taliban gave a week deadline for the delivery of the goods and weapons of the deposed Government in Afghanistan

The Taliban gave

Fundamentalist leaders are expected to announce soon the formation of the new leadership of the regime, after their return to power on August 15.

The Taliban on Saturday gave all former officials of the deposed Kabul government a period of one week to hand over all goods and weapons of the public service, in a new movement towards the consolidation of the new Administration of the Islamists and on the eve of the end of withdrawal of international troops.

“All those who have means, arms, ammunition, and other government property are informed to hand over the aforementioned objects to the relevant bodies of the Islamic Emirate (as the Taliban call themselves) within a week,” he said on Twitter. the main spokesman for the Taliban, Zabihulla Mujahid.

The spokesman urged everyone to surrender within this period so that “there is no need to prosecute or give legal treatment to offenders if they are discovered,” he added.

Although the Taliban seized power on August 15, the leaders of the movement had ordered their combatants not to enter the homes of public officials, or take any of the state property until the leadership decided on the matter.

The call for voluntary surrender made today by Mujahid comes just as fundamentalist leaders are expected to announce the new conformation of the new government, which the Taliban hope to have ready before the withdrawal of international troops, on August 31.

Thus the Islamist movement takes another step to take full control of the country, while the US and international allies meet the last hours in the country before the deadline for the total withdrawal of their troops expires and with it the end of the international evacuations.

The United States took control of the military area of ​​the airfield a day after the Taliban’s victory and their rise to power, in an apparent non-aggression pact that has allowed evacuations but is nearing completion.

Taliban sources assured Efe that their forces have begun to take control of the military area of ​​the airport, which has already been ceded by the Americans.

Special Forces Taliban “Victorious Force” are taking control of the military part of the airport in Kabul, he told Efe Bilal Karimi, a spokesman for the Taliban.

“Some parts (of the military airport) were evacuated (by foreign troops) and our forces took control of them,” he said.

The security situation in the Afghan capital is now the biggest concern after the attack by the jihadist group Islamic State (IS) at the Kabul airport, committed by a suicide bomber when a crowd tried to board one of the evacuation flights to flee. of the Taliban regime.

The attack, which turned the streets of Kabul into a slaughterhouse, left at least 170 dead and dozens of people injured.

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