Two months later they catch a suspect in the murder of Hollywood actress Lisa Banes, hit with a scooter in New York

He was visiting NYC and was one more victim of the road chaos that is being experienced, with drivers of cars, motorcycles, skateboards and bicycles violating the rules, disrespecting traffic lights and even going up to the sidewalks

Although he lives very close to the scene of the fatality, it took the NYPD two months to arrest Brian Boyd, suspected of having fled after fatally running a scooter on June 4, Lisa Banes, a Hollywood actress who was on a tourist visit in New York. .

The detainee is 26 years old and lives on the same corner of the Upper West Side – 64th St and Amsterdam Avenue – where Banes was hit when she  was in the crosswalk and had the right to cross .

Boyd was charged with leaving the scene of the accident that resulted in one death and failing to yield at a crosswalk, law enforcement sources said, the New York Post reported.

Banes, whose career includes films with Tom Cruise and Ben Affleck, lived in California and was eager to return to New York after the pandemic, but his tourist visit turned into a deadly tragedy. After spending 10 days seriously hospitalized with severe head trauma , the film, TV and theater actress died on June 14 at the age of 65.

He was one more victim of  the road chaos that is being experienced in the city after the pandemic, with drivers of cars, motorcycles, skateboards and bicycles violating the rules, disrespecting traffic lights and even going up to the sidewalks. In fact, that same night of June 4, two minors were also seriously injured when they were run over in Queens and one of them Darwin Edison Durazno, a 16-year-old Hispanic teenager, also died days later.

With fewer cars on the asphalt during the pandemic, the streets of NYC became a terrain of  speeding and recklessness,  according to statistics from a recent report by the  Manhattan Institute.  In addition,  restaurants spread out in the open in the name of social distancing  have generated more  improvisation in the already narrow spaces shared with pedestrians, riders, garbage bags and vehicles.

But cars are not the only threat:  actress Banes was hit by a scooter. Also since the pandemic there are more riders – delivery men and walkers – on the streets, and not all of them are legal. The rental and purchase of motorcycles and bicycles has been experiencing a boom in the city for some time,

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