Amanda Bynes was taken to a Los Angeles hospital after a call to a mental health facility.

LOS ANGELES — Someone who knows about the case said that Amanda Bynes’ release has been put on hold because of worries about her mental health.
According to the Los Angeles Police Department, a woman called for help at 6:40 a.m. on Sunday in the parking lot of a Sizzler restaurant at the corner of South Vermont Avenue and West Fourth Street.
A law enforcement official who was briefed on the LAPD call for service said that Bynes was there when the officers got there. ABC News also got confirmation from a source familiar with the situation that it was Bynes.
A police officer who spoke to ABC News said that paramedics from the Los Angeles Fire Department checked on the “Easy A” actress and gave her the all-clear from a medical point of view. A mental health hold, also called a 5150 hold, was put on her while she was being taken to the hospital by a mental health team that had been called.
A mental health hold in the state of California is called a 5150 hold, and it usually lasts for 72 hours. But this hold could last longer.
The law enforcement official also said that she didn’t make any threats during the phone call. A person who knows about the situation confirmed this to ABC News.
Earlier news about the event came from TMZ, which said that Bynes was seen early on Sunday morning “without any clothes” and that she flagged down a car and told the driver that she was “coming down from a psychotic episode.” TMZ also gave more information about what happened. The information was confirmed by someone who knew about the situation and also confirmed that Bynes had called 911.
This happened about a year and a half after a judge ended the guardianship that had been put on Bynes.
Since 2013, when her mother Lynn Bynes was named as her interim conservator, the court has been in charge of taking care of the actress.
After being accused of starting a small fire in the driveway of a Thousand Oaks, California, home, the former “All That” cast member was taken to the hospital and put on an involuntary psychiatric hold. Because of this, the conservatorship was set up.
Lynn Bynes was given the job of guardian for her daughter again in October 2014.
Amanda Bynes filed a petition in February 2022 to get rid of the conservatorship that had been put on her and her estate. Bynes is a student at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles. She is getting her bachelor’s degree in merchandise product development from the same school where she got her associate’s degree. The petition had this information in it.

The petition also said that the actress from “She’s the Man” had lived in a “organised community for women” since 2020 and that she had been subject to check-ins and “ongoing random toxicological examinations” in the apartment complex where she lived.
Lynn Bynes’s lawyer at the time, Tamar Arminak, said in a statement, “Lynn couldn’t be more proud of Amanda for getting through this hard time in her life.”

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