Ricky Martin and his Nephew have no Romantic Relationship.

According to a statement that was provided to TODAY by the singer's attorney, "The premise is not just incorrect, it is repugnant."

Ricky Martin has denied having a romantic relationship with his nephew, claiming that the allegations are false.

Marty Singer, Martin’s attorney, told TODAY, “Unfortunately, the person who made this claim is battling with serious mental health difficulties.” Naturally, Ricky Martin has never had a sexual or romantic relationship with his nephew, and he has no plans to do so in the future.

“The idea is not only false, but it is also revolting,” he continued. “It is everyone’s sincere hope that this man will be able to obtain the help that he so desperately needs.” The most important thing for us is that this heinous case is dismissed as soon as the court has a chance to examine the evidence.

Martin’s attorney spoke with TODAY after the allegations began to circulate on the internet on Friday. The singer did not name Martin’s nephew, and it is unclear whether or not the nephew has legal representation. Martin’s nephew was not identified by name by Singer.

A judge in Puerto Rico granted a restraining order against the singer just one week before the release of Martin’s attorney’s statement and the new claim made against him.

Because the restraining order request was made under the provisions of Puerto Rico’s domestic violence law, a police spokesperson named Axel Valencia previously told The Associated Press that he was unable to reveal the identity of the person who made the request.

Ricky Martin’s lawyer stated on Friday that the singer never had “any form of sexual or romantic contact with his nephew,” despite the fact that the musician is facing domestic abuse charges from the younger family member in Puerto Rico.

Marty Singer, Martin’s attorney, stated today in an interview with Deadline that “unfortunately, the person who made this accusation is battling with serious mental health difficulties.” “Of course, Ricky Martin has never been — and would never be — involved in any type of sexual or romantic relationship with his nephew,” the Hollywood heavyweight lawyer went on to say. “Ricky Martin has always taken great care of his nephew.” “The concept is not only incorrect but also repugnant.”

TODAY was unable to obtain a copy of the restraining order, and the local police department did not respond to our request for comment.
Martin has been served with a temporary restraining order in the aftermath of an alleged seven-month personal affair with his 21-year-old nephew and has recently been served with additional claims of violence and other allegations related to the situation. The claims will be discussed at a hearing scheduled for July 21 in Puerto Rico. If Martin is found guilty of the felony crime of domestic violence with a relative, he could face a sentence of more than a half-century in prison.

Martin, a Grammy winner and star of The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story, is facing a $3 million lawsuit over unpaid commissions from his on-again/off-again manager Rebecca Drucker. These latest claims from the unincorporated United States territory, as well as the lawyer’s response, have arrived at the same time. According to Drucker and her Venable LLP team, the plaintiff shielded the allegedly substance-abusing “Livin’ La Vida Loca” singer from a “potentially career-ending allegation in September 2020.” They accomplish this by dangling Damocles’ sword over Martin, which will most likely hasten the proceedings.

Martin and his lawyers at Lavely & Singer have remained largely silent on the subject since Drucker filed her case in Los Angeles Superior Court on June 29.

Martin’s role in the upcoming comedy series Mrs. American Pie on Apple TV+, in which he co-stars with Carol Burnett, Kristen Wiig, Josh Lucas, Allison Janney, and Leslie Bibb, has also been kept under wraps. Apple TV+ has remained deafeningly silent on the subject. According to reports, Martin was in Los Angeles today working on the series written by Abe Sylvia and directed by Tate Taylor.

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