Italian velvets are in this season for gents’ fashion.

THE CHRONICLE OF JULIEN SCAVINI – While traditional corduroy is made entirely of cotton, the Italian version often incorporates a small amount of wool or even cashmere into the fabric.

Because of its durability and ability to retain heat, corduroy quickly rose to prominence as the go-to material for producing practical apparel throughout the time of the Industrial Revolution. His robust and resilient ribs were used to make work pants for laborers or game warden jackets.

The evolution of manly style took it into the wardrobe of the bourgeois after the Second World War. There, it decked itself with gorgeous and glittering hues. As seen in the store windows of La Belle Jardinière, Arnys, and Old England, velvet in shades of orange, red, or mint green is considered very British. This flavor has essentially remained the same right up until the present day, even though the velvets have become quite a bit lighter. No more pants that could stand on their own without assistance.

The Italians, who have always had a soft spot for English cuisine, are now playing their card by making velvets that are incredibly supple and extremely plush. They are keeping something to themselves. In contrast to traditional corduroy, which is made entirely of cotton, these versions add a small amount of wool or even cashmere. This results in…

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