The dressing room reserved for the President

THE CHRONICLE OF JULIEN SCAVINI – We now have a president Emmanuel Macron who, once again, dresses according to the circumstances.

Our Presidents of the Republic have gotten us used to see them in suits and ties ever since Francois Mitterrand. The suit was in grey or blue, with, on occasion, as Jacques Chirac did, a jacket worn over grey pants that were styled in a somewhat more sporty manner. A style that is similar to that of men’s clothing. Hopefully, these leaves will elicit some commentary. Therefore, in 2012, President Barack Obama appeared at Camp David wearing chinos, and he teased French President Francois Hollande by saying, “Francois, we said you could take off the tie!”

In the closet, all of the “PR” varieties were nowhere to be found. No frac. Little tuxedos. No more blazers, and only the beginning of your casual wardrobe. However, we all remember a Georges Pompidou who was exquisite in whatever setting, knowing how to deftly go from flannel suits to espadrilles, from Cuban shirt to the Lacoste polo through the jacket. In short, he could pull off any look and make it seem good.

We have president Emmanuel Macron who, once again, dressed appropriately for the situation, whether it be a turtleneck and shoes, a bomber jacket and down jacket, or a vest worn beneath the suit… But…

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