Chaka Khan says that Mary J. Blige doesn’t have a good voice, and she defends Mariah Carey’s place on the “Best Singers” list.

During an interview for Los Angeles Magazine’s The Originals podcast, Chaka Khan said what she really thought about the singing skills of Mariah Carey, Mary J. Blige, and other artists. When Rolling Stone’s list of the “200 Greatest Singers of All Time” came out in January 2023, the 69-year-old singer decided to talk about it.
The performer of “I’m Every Woman” said that she didn’t know about the ranking until Andrew Goldman, the host of the podcast, told her that she was on it and praised her for being chosen. She is No. 29 on the list, two spots higher than Luther Vandross, who is No. 31, and just one spot lower than Mahalia Jackson, who is No. 28.
She said, “I didn’t even know what the hell you were talking about, so it’s clear that this doesn’t mean much to me.” This shows that she didn’t know what was being talked about. “These people can’t measure me or prove anything about me,” I told them.
Still, even though she said she didn’t care how the other singers on the list were ranked, the “Queen of Funk” had a lot to say about the subject.
Khan thought that Mariah Carey’s No. 5 spot must have come about because of bribery or some other kind of wrongdoing.
The man from Chicago who was born and raised there called these people “blind bi**hes.” “They can’t see like a motherf***ing bat! They need to use hearing aids to hear… She told the editors of the journal, “These must be the children of Helen Keller!” when she found out that she had been put behind Mary J. Blige, who had been given the No. 25 spot.
Khan thinks that the Queen of Hip-Hop Soul “fu**ed up” the Rufus & Chaka Khan song “Sweet Thing,” which was covered by the Queen of Hip-Hop Soul on her 1992 debut album. Khan thinks that Rufus and Chaka Khan were the first ones to record the song.
Khan said that she had told Blige that her version of the R&B song didn’t have enough depth in her singing.
Even though this happened, the two musicians have worked on a project together since then. Chaka Khan performed at the My Life singer’s first Strength of a Woman Festival, which took place in 2022.
The funk singer was not the only one to say harsh things about Blige and Carey. She also said bad things about other artists.

When Khan saw that British R&B singer Adele was ranked higher than her at number 22, she said, “Okay, I quit.”
In her review, she did say some nice things about one of the placements. Chaka Khan said, “As she f**king should be,” which is a great way to express how people feel about Aretha Franklin’s strong hold on the top spot at No. 1.

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