Indian Creek, Florida, is the city with the most expensive houses in the US.

Indian Creek, an exclusive 121-hectare island in Miami’s Bay of Biscay, is the most expensive city in the United States, with an average home value of around $28.3 million, according to a report by the Zillow real estate portal.

This small village has a population of 84 residents, according to data from the Census Bureau, including famous owners such as singer Enrique Iglesias and Brazilian model Giselle Bundchen, and her husband, American football star Tom Brady, he noted. the web specialized in real estate.

This town, which has just 31 homes and an exclusive golf club, is nestled in a bay where other so-called “celebrity islands” are located.

One of these illustrious owners in Indian Creek is the Colombian billionaire banker and businessman Jaime Gilinski who, according to the real estate information portal The Real Deal, bought the house of the Brazilian model Adriana Lima in December 2021 for 40 million dollars.

The specialized media indicated that Gilinski now owns five adjoining plots on this exclusive island located in the northern part of the Bay of Biscay.

Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump, son-in-law, and daughter of former President Donald Trump can boast of having property on this island, where, according to various media, the Spanish singer Julio Iglesias owns several plots there.

Indian Creek is well above the second most expensive city, Atherton, a small town on the San Francisco peninsula, where the typical value of a home is around $7.7 million.

Hunts Point (in the state of Washington), Jupiter Island, also in Florida, and Sagaponack, in New York, complete the first five cities in this particular list, with home values ​​of about 6 million each.

Zillow highlighted in its report that the US has 481 cities in which the average value is at least one million dollars.

The metropolitan areas of San Francisco and New York lead with 76 of these “millionaire” cities each, followed by Los Angeles (57), San José (22), and Boston (18).

The portal indicated that this year there are more new cities with an average value of their homes of at least one million dollars than in the last six years combined, with 146 new ones.

And all due to the increase in demand for housing last year, even in places where prices were already through the roof.

The Miami metropolitan area can boast of having 14 millionaire cities, a reflection of the notable increase in the price of real estate in Florida.

According to the National Association of Realtors, the city of Punta Gorda, on the west coast of Florida and with nearly 16,000 residents, registered in 2021 the largest increase in the price of homes in the entire country.

The average price of homes in this city rose 15% last year, reaching a value close to 362,000 dollars, still far from the figures seen in Indian Creek.

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