Work in the USA: What jobs pay more than 60 dollars per hour in the United States?

It seems that Covid-19 infections are beginning to drop in the United States after the rebound caused by the omicron variant, so people are beginning to take to the streets to look for work.

To counteract the economic blow left by the coronavirus pandemic, here are some recommendations if you are looking for a job.

Jobs that pay more than $60 an hour in the United States

-Architectural and engineering managers: $69.63 per hour / 152 thousand

$930 per year.

-Petroleum engineers: $66.21 per hour / $156,390 per year.

-Judges and magistrates: 65.82 dollars per hour / 128 thousand 550 dollars per year.

-Marketing manager: $65.79 per hour / $149,200 per year.

-Marketing and sales managers: $62.84 per hour / $144,660 per year.

-Financial managers: $62.45 per hour / $147,530 per year.

-Natural science managers: $62.07 per hour/$145,450 per year.

-Sales, advertising, marketing, and public relations managers: $61.96 per hour / $143,330 per year.

-Pharmacists: $61.58 per hour / $141,690 per year.

-Sales Manager: $60.89 per hour / $141,690 per year.

-Podiatrists: $69 per hour / $142,680 per year.

-Advertising and promotions managers: $60.34 per hour / $141,890 per year.

Where to look for job offers?

Today it is not necessary for you to go out to the streets to look for a new job in the United States, since almost all companies have job boards on their web portals, in addition to other sites specialized in sharing new vacancies.

How to find jobs without papers in the United States?

Working without papers is very risky and all employees who are not US citizens or residents living in the country must have their current employment authorization document (EAD).

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