Anne Heche Crash House Owner Thankful for $150,000 Raised

Following the tragic news that Anne Heche had died, the owner of the home that the actress had fatally driven into took to social media to express her grief.

The accident occurred a week ago when the actress lost control of her car and crashed into the front of Lynne Michele’s home, causing the house to catch fire. Lynne Mishele was at home when the accident occurred.
“It is heartbreaking to learn of Anne Heche’s death. “Her family, friends, and especially her children have suffered a tremendous loss, and my heart goes out to them,” Michele said. “They are in my thoughts and prayers.”

“Everything about this situation is terrible, and there are simply no words to describe it.” I send my love and best wishes to everyone who was involved.

Michele, who was in the backyard on the opposite side of the house at the time of the incident, was taken to the hospital for minor injuries after desperately attempting to save her pets from the blazing house.
She had previously posted a video in which she thanked those who had helped her, praising “the incredible amount of love and compassion, as well as generosity and kindness that people have shown over the past week.”
“It’s obvious that this has been the most hectic, terrible, and confusing period, so someday I will try to get back to everyone and read everyone’s comments, but in the meantime, thank you, thank you very much from the bottom of my heart.”

“It’s completely overwhelming,” the speaker said. You have all had a significant impact on my life, so I want to express my gratitude to every one of you and assure you that I will continue to keep you updated.

Already, $150,000 has been donated to a fund set up to assist Mishele with the financial difficulties that have arisen as a direct result of the disaster.

On Friday afternoon, Anne Heche’s family stated in response to the news that the actress’s organs would be made available for donation after she requested that her life support be turned off and she is taken off of it.

“We have lost a bright light, a kind and most joyous person, a loving mother, and a devoted friend,” according to the statement. [Citation required] “Anne will be sorely missed, but she will be remembered for the lovely lads she raised, the groundbreaking body of work she produced, and the ardent causes she championed.” Her bravery in always speaking her truth and spreading her message of love and acceptance will have a lasting impact because of how she has always lived her life.

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