Bad Bunny and Myke Towers accompany Enrique Iglesias’ “final” album

Enrique Iglesias has published this Friday “FINAL (Vol. 1)” , the first part of his alleged recording farewell, with a repertoire that has as collaborators the Puerto Ricans Bad Bunny, Nicky Jam, Myke Towers, Wisin, Farruko and the Cuban Descemer Good and Pitbull.

The title has a lot of meaning. I try to tell you that it could be my last album (…) It is not something I have thought about in recent months, but in recent years, “explained the Spanish musician in an appearance before the media a couple of weeks ago.

“FINAL” is a dazzling work of little more than half an hour that includes 11 songs, many of them already known and performed mainly in Spanish, with a love for Caribbean rhythms, but with some unreleased tracks in English and more discotheques like the first one ” Chasing The Sun “ .

It has the song “Pendejo” as a new single and takes over seven years later from “Sex And Love” (2014) , a time in which Iglesias had limited himself to publishing single songs, such as “Súbeme la radio “ , one of his great recent successes, which has also been included in this work.

In fact, the album seems more like a compilation of all the singles of recent years, like “El baño” , released in 2018 with Bad Bunny, the same year as “Move To Miami” with Pitbull; “The heart hurts” , with Wisin, who did it in 2016; or “El perdón” , with Nicky Jam, which dates back to 2014 and appeared in a Puerto Rican greatest hits.

In his repertoire, neither Ricky Martin nor Sebastián Yatra appear, his traveling companions on the tour that begins in a few days in the US and together with those who gave the news of his record farewell.

Yes, the young promise of urban Latin Myke Towers, present in “Te fuiste” , one of the few new songs in this work, along with “Me pasé” with Farruko, which was released this summer, does.

“I’m never going to stop making music and writing songs, I love it, but I’m going to do it in another way, not necessarily packaged as an album,” he explained in early September, before acknowledging to the media that it takes “an eternity” make a record.

Son of the also singer Julio Iglesias and the “celebrity” Isabel Preyler, this Madrid born in 1975 surprised everyone in his day when, without ever having shown any external signs of artistic inclinations, in 1995 he published his first album, the homonym “Enrique Iglesias “ a success of which 5 million copies were shipped.

With his following works, such as “Vivir” (1997) and “Enrique” (1999) , he established his international career and managed to penetrate the US market with songs such as “Bailamos” or “Rythm Divine” .

With the aforementioned “Sex And Love” he got the biggest hit of his career, “Bailando” , with which he became one of the first commercial artists who laid his ears on hitherto marginalized Latin urban music, awakening interest again from all over the world for Caribbean music and three years ahead of Luis Fonsi’s “Despacito” .

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