Britney Spears is “free” after more than 13 years in legal guardianship

The icon of American pop Britney Spears returned this Friday to be “free” after more than 13 years after a judge put an end to the legal protection of her person and her estate, valued at about 60 million dollars.

Speaking to the press after the ruling, the lawyer for the artist Mathew Rosengart specified that the judicial decision takes effect “immediately”, both with regard to the legal custody of the person, as well as that of the patrimony.

“What’s next for Britney now, and this is the first time this can be said in about a decade, depends on just one person: Britney,” Rosengart said on the way out of Los Angeles Superior Court, where she received a strong ovation of the hundreds of followers of the singer gathered in the place.

Rosengart said he was very proud of Britney’s “courage, poise, and bravery” during the court process and noted that the artist’s testimony has helped shed light on the abuse of legal guardianships in the United States.


A few minutes after the lawyer spoke, Britney, 39, said on her official Instagram account that this Friday was “the best day” of her life.

“My God, I love my fans so much that it’s crazy! I think I’m going to cry the rest of the day! The best day of my life, praise the Lord. Can I receive an amen?”

The artist attached a video of about 26 seconds in which dozens of her followers can be seen celebrating the decision of Judge Brenda Penny, which ordered the end of Britney’s legal guardianship.


The ruling marks a new victory for the singer, who last June spoke out for the first time against her father, Jamie Spears, who ceased to be her guardian in September by order of the same judge.

Custody of the artist had been maintained since then by an official of the state of California and it was not until this Friday when she was finally free of any legal guardianship.

After the decision was made public, hundreds of followers of the singer gathered outside the headquarters of the Superior Court of Los Angeles reacted immediately by throwing pink confetti into the air and with chants in favor of Britney, who had called her legal guardianship “abusive” previously.


Who also reacted quickly was her fiancé, personal trainer Sam Asghari, who posted a photo on his personal Instagram account with the word “Freedom” on a pink background.

“Today has been made history. Britney is free,” wrote Asghari, who will soon marry the Mississippi-born artist.

In this way Asghari winked at the #FreeBritney movement (free Britney), a campaign that has gone viral on social networks, especially in recent months, to get the singer’s legal guardianship to end.

The pressure from fans to expose details of the legal guardianship began in 2019 after Britney refused to continue offering shows in Las Vegas (USA) and entered a rehab clinic.


Speaking before that court in June, Spears begged to be allowed to regain her life and denounced that, although she would like to have a baby, her guardian, then her father, would not let her go to the doctor to remove the IUD (intrauterine device). that I had inserted.

The case took a turn in September after The New York Times published a report with statements from three people who had worked for the artist during her guardianship: a security employee, an assistant, and her wardrobe manager.

Among the thorniest testimonies, the former security employee claimed that the father had microphones placed at Britney’s house, whose calls and messages were intercepted, including communications with her own lawyer and her children.

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