Celebrities Go Classic Glamor at the Met Gala

The celebrities of the moment, from Kim Kardashian to Blake Lively, passing through the Spanish Rosalía, opted this Monday for the classic glamor in a Met Gala that encouraged to honor the “golden age” of New York and drink of the extravagance in smaller doses than other years.

There was no shortage of sequins, rhinestone appliqués, metallic fabrics, exaggerated volumes, or transparencies, especially in the case of the Kardashian sisters, who attended in full along with their stepsisters and their mother, turning the year’s charity party into the USA almost in a family affair.

Kim Kardashian, accompanied by the comedian Pete Davidson, her new partner, was today the one who waited for the longest among more than 300 celebrities and surprised with a tight flesh-colored dress covered in diamonds that evoked Marilyn Monroe, a simpler choice than his latest proposals, very shocking.

The exclusive event, which raises funds for the Fashion Institute of the Metropolitan Museum of New York (Met) and follows a marked theme, was held again on the first Monday in May, as was the tradition since the 1990s until the pandemic forced the cancel the appointment in 2020 and postpone it to September last year.

Shortly after, the marriage of actors formed by Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds arrived, honorary presidents of the party, who did not disappoint with their choice of fashion, especially her, with a long dress with a regal cut that was disassembled revealing a long blue train with embroidery and bright drawings.

For about four hours there was a succession of actors, musicians and models wearing their best clothes and perhaps that is why the presence of the richest man in the world, businessman Elon Musk, stood out, who appeared like a rock star, greeting a crowd stationed behind billboards on the street.

The founder of Tesla, with an elegant white tie jacket suit, as marked by the dress code, was accompanied by his mother, the former model, and dietician Maye Musk, who added a jocular “he told me he did not want interviews” while attending journalists and assured that he loves fashion.

There was a large presence of Latin artists, but most went straight to the party without stopping to speak to the media, with exceptions such as Camila Cabello, who took the opportunity to do “activism” and point out that her dress was “sustainable”.

Camila Hair

Under the spotlight, there was room for other messages: that of the mayor of New York, Eric Adams, who called for the “end of gun violence” with a sign on his jacket; or the love letter that Alicia Keys sent to the Big Apple when showing off her “skyline” drawn in rhinestones on her skirt.

Eiza González, wearing a white feathered robe, said she was happy to meet so many Latinos; Anitta lamented, jokingly, that she couldn’t “twerk” in her voluminous dress; while J Balvin, with a suit, cane, and hair dyed neon yellow, claimed to be enjoying his recent fatherhood.

J Balvin

The Spanish Rosalía, with great self-confidence, showed high platform leather boots under her white dress with rhinestones by Givenchy, confirming that she likes to be “disruptive” also in matters of fashion, and declaring herself “very grateful” for being in her second Met Gala.


And it is that, despite everything, the extravagance was inevitable: the rapper Cardi B wore a dress made of chains; Dove Cameron showed up in a die-cut design by Iris Van Herpen that looked like she was from another galaxy, and model Gigi Hadid covered her maroon latex ensemble with a matching giant padded jacket.

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