Erika Vidrio joins several artists in Volume I of “Las Compositoras”

The singer and songwriter Erika Vidrio released this Friday the first part of her album “Las Compositoras”, for which she joined several exponents of the Mexican regional genre to continue her task of promoting women within the Latin music industry.

In Volume I of this new musical project, Vidrio collaborates with established voices such as Vicky Terrazas, Diana Reyes, and Lupita Infante, as well as with some of the new Mexican regional artists such as Fernanda Díaz, Nena Guzmán, and the members of Dueto Dos Rosas and The Empress Group.

In the first installment of the production, the single “Este Corazón” stands out, a new version of the song that Vidrio made for the group Los Horóscopos de Durango and that was very successful.

“Las Mexicanas”, a collaboration with Lupita Infante, Nena Guzmán, and the Emperatriz Group, which frames Mexican women as “luchonas” women, is also part of the first volume of this production, along with “My Unique Gift”, a collaboration with the Dos Rosas Duet, made up of Emily and Sheila Rosas.

Completing the delivery of this volume is “Amor de Unos Botes”, a single in collaboration with the renowned Sinaloan composer Fernanda Díaz; “Me Shakudo y Me Levanto”, with Diana Reyes, and a “Popourrí de Despecho”, which includes four unpublished songs of the heartbreak of her authorship.

Considered the most successful composer of the Mexican regional, Vidrio has always worked to include women in the genre in which men predominated.

“The men of the Mexican regional were convinced that the market would never accept women, neither as performers nor as composers,” the singer-songwriter told Efe in a recent interview.

“Las Compositoras” is accompanied by a podcast in which the Mexican singer-songwriter talks with the artists with whom she collaborated and other women about various topics that can become inspiration and tools to navigate the music industry, the artist said in a statement.

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