Fanny Lu continues to sing to love with “Valió la pena”

“Valió la Pena” is the title of the most recent single by Colombian singer, actress, and model Fanny Lu, a song that initially was only to be dedicated to her boyfriend but that, due to its strong charge of love and optimism, became a message empowering women and a hymn to happy endings.

“It has been very special for me to rediscover love, which has changed dimensions and has transformed my life with a healthy love and a love that really makes me happy, authentically happy,” said Fanny Lu, who is known in an interview. internationally as the “Queen of Tropipop”.

Regarding the video of the song, which was recorded by the sea in the town of Puerto Colombia, in the metropolitan area of ​​Barranquilla, Fanny Lu said that the locations of the newly opened pier were used, as well as the boardwalk, among others, to tell the story “in a place full of magic, history, romance, and beautiful sunsets”.

“I thought it was nice to share this song, which was not to be released but for that man who has made me happy, and then we decided that we could not keep that message,” explained Fanny Lu, who is engaged to Peruvian Mario Brescia, a businessman whom he met during a vacation in Lima.

The artist, who has stood out during her career for her social commitment, is a goodwill ambassador for the Organization of American States (OAS) for the rights of women, girls, and boys.

“I have a very nice commitment to women and if the launch of the song had not been women’s month, I would have given it that same spirit, because for me the empowerment of women is motivation. Each song of mine is a way to share my life story with other women,” she added.

The artist assured: “my love story has allowed me to believe in happy endings. In love that does not hurt, that does not hurt, a healthy love. I confirm that it is worth waiting until you find the love you deserve, true love Because you don’t have to settle for a toxic love, you don’t have to justify either violence or abuse.”

“‘Valió la Pena, as the song says, is an invitation to believe in love again, but not just any, but the one with which you want to live to old age. It is the anthem of happy endings, which is nothing more than the beginning of a life full of hope, light, and happiness, together with who you really deserve and who deserves you”, he indicated.

In addition to a long artistic career that began in 1998, Fanny Lu is an industrial engineer and when asked about her plans for the coming months, she said that she will return to tours and concerts, in addition to supporting the artistic career of her son and her niece Manuela Egas Martínez, better known in the artistic world as Gia.

“We want to go to different cities in our country, and my son Mateo is about to be launched, and it’s very nice for me to have inspired and motivated him to pursue a career that is not easy but is beautiful,” he added.

The woman from Cali also said that she is working on the promotion of entrepreneurship projects of the Colombian institution Sena (National Learning Service), a public entity whose function is to provide free training with technical, technological, and complementary programs.

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