Gilberto Santa Rosa launches a new song, “Cartas sobre la mesa”, and prepares an album

Puerto Rican salsa singer Gilberto Santa Rosa released this Friday a new single, “Cartas Sobre la mesa”, an adaptation of his own that mixes catchy rhythms and mischievous lyrics and will be part of his next album.

” Letters on the table “ is a composition by Cuban singer Mucho Manolo that Santa Rosa adopted with a special musical arrangement by Ramón Sánchez, according to a statement from his representatives.

The song marks the prelude to the premiere of the new record production nicknamed “El Caballero de la Salsa”, which will be released in the first half of 2022.

“I am very excited to start the year giving the public a musical proposal that will be part of my new record production, which we have called ‘Debut and second batch,'” Santa Rosa said in the note.

The singer explained that this new album includes songs that other fellow artists have performed and that he liked, but gives “a different twist to the songs so that they debut in a different way.”

“I am an admirer of good music and with this album, I share with my audience several songs that I really like, such as ‘Cartas Sobre la mesa'”, he explained.

“Letters on the table”, already available on the main digital music platforms, was released under the B2B Music record label and with a music video filmed in the city of Miami.

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