Gloria Trevi wants to remember how to link after the confinement due to the pandemic

Although the Mexican singer Gloria Trevi assures that she does not have this problem, she is “worried” about the loss of seduction skills among singles after the closure of the pandemic. That is why he dedicated himself to composing songs that function as “an instruction manual” to find love, whether it be from time to time or “as needed”.

This is how she described in an interview with Efe, and with the humor that characterizes her, the concept of her new album, scheduled for the next few months. The initial taste came this weekend courtesy of a collaboration with Puerto Rican street artist Guaynaa.

It is a song “perfect for the disco” entitled “We went crazy.”

“This is just the tip of the iceberg of what I have to help people get through the bad luck of the pandemic,” explained Trevi, who wants to fill his audience with colors as diverse and cheerful as those in the video of “We came back crazy”.

“We also wanted to remind them of how they are linked, because I have single friends who say they don’t even remember anymore. I have a 15-year-old son who has a lot of questions about that, because the confinement cut off the natural development of those things. Music is even good for that ”, he assured.

For that and much more. His previous album, “Diosa de la noche”, became a song of self-esteem. His biggest hit, “Open up, bitches”, is one of the songs that he was asked the most during his last concert tour and he was celebrated on social networks.

With “We went crazy” she assures, in an obvious joking tone, that she is willing to send wedding gifts to those who arrive at the altar thanks to her. “All for love,” he said between laughter.

She is “very proud of the song”, which she composed with Leonel García (Sin Bandera) and Marcela de la Garza, a Mexican composer whose songs appear in the repertoires of stars such as Thalía, Paulina Rubio, Fey and Pandora.

“It’s danceable, it has urban touches, but it’s different. It is my sound in 2021 and that of Guaynaa, which was the perfect companion for this adventure, “said Trevi, who learned about the Puerto Rican artist’s work with his single” Monterrey “, which was released in February of this year.


At 53 years of age and almost 40 on stage , Gloria Trevi is very clear that her fans would not forgive her an absence in the new production of heartbreak songs.

“In fact, the upcoming single is one of the strongest cutting songs of my career, and it’s not the only one,” he announced. However, there is more party than nostalgia.

It is the modus operandi of this woman who has used music to get out of the problems that life has dispatched in industrial quantities. The most recent had to do with the pandemic. Although he has refused to give names or details, his family was hit by covid-19.

“Fortunately, my parents are already vaccinated. I was able to hug them after a year and a half and it was a very great relief, “he said. Amid the concerns, Trevi organized aid programs for Mexican artisans affected by the pandemic, made new music and put the finishing touches to the series in which he will tell the story of his life.


Gloria Trevi’s bioseries will begin recording at the end of the year and the artist assures that nothing was saved. “I revisited all the episodes of my life and when I say all, they are all,” he promised.

That includes the years that led to his arrest and his years in jail. The birth of her children, the death of her daughter, her Stations of the Cross and her redemption.

“I cried a lot revisiting things, I got angry when I realized things that I should have noticed when they were happening, but that’s life. I already learned that the past is the past. Now, I decided to tell it because I am convinced that I will be able to help many women with my story ”,

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