Itzel Vida: The Mexican artist who revolutionized social networks

Mexican artist Itzel Vida revolutionized social media a few years ago with her first song, “Me Vale Perderte,” and now, she’s back stronger than ever with her new song, “Ya Tengo Tu Amor.”

Itzel Vida began her artistic career with a song that revolutionized social networks.

“I like to compose songs that talk about a reality that is happening right now, or things like that. Besides, all dreams can be fulfilled too. You always have to give it a try and not give up,” Vida said in an exclusive interview with Impacto Latino.

Born in San Quintin BC, Mexico, Vida has always carried music in her heart, never lacking in inspiration or courage.

“Since I can remember, [I made music]. When I started looking at people, how she responded [when I sang], that’s when I said ‘wow’. I want to stay here,” Vida explained.

At just fifteen years old, inspired by star Ariel Camacho, the young artist began to learn various instruments, and in a spontaneous moment, she sang her original song, “Me Vale Perderte”, in her classroom at school. However, unaware of her, some friends of hers were filming her in her musical nature.

“I was studying at the time. A video of me singing was uploaded to social media, and that’s when it all started. I sing of everything I’m versatile. [But, my first song] has been sierreño corrido, of heartbreak,” Vida shared.

Suddenly, due to her talent and ability to connect with herself and the world, the singer-songwriter’s life took a complete turn and she became the center of attention.

“From that moment, everything was very momentary, very fast. Millions of views on YouTube have already arrived super fast, and later, many followers arrived. It changed my life,” Vida said.

Having reached millions of people in a short time, Vida had caught the interest of and worked with two different companies, the record label Eraboy Records and Rancho Humilde, bringing her to live in the city of Tijuana at a young age.

However, now, it was Cut Throat Entertainment that started to guide her on the right path, and they knew they had to take her to the next level.

Vida is now sharing her musical journey with Cut Throat Entertainment.

Through the years, Vida has released a song with the musical group Diez 4tro, “Vida Movida”, and another single called “Pronto Me Verán”, wanting to reach the hearts of Latin people.

With humility and security in her passion for music, Vida continues at the age of twenty-two with her latest release, “Ya Tengo Tu Amor”.

“This story came from a love I had. It’s been two months since the theme of that love song came out, and [working on the music video] was very cool, very beautiful indeed. It was recorded here in California,” Vida mentioned.

Vida begins the song with a striking phrase: “I never believe in love at first sight, and when I least thought, there you were.”

The video details a night at the bar, recounting the feeling of that first love connection, the musicians and instruments characters in between the story.

“[I want] my music to be known all over the world, the Mexican Republic, the United States, and to keep making it want, to keep giving the message to people with things that happen in life,” Vida shared.

Now, Vida is creating and working on new projects, and she’s excited for more of her music to come out soon.

“[Soon they come] many more new topics, so that they are pending. ‘Me Vale Perderte’ is coming soon too, now differently, with bands, which I’m planning. It will be stronger than ever.”

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