Lala Kent throws herself at Demi Lovato and reveals why her sobriety is a lie

Demi Lovato , who recently revealed that she identifies as a non-binary person , once again captures the spotlight, but not because of statements she made, but because of the controversy that Lala Kent has generated about her, an actress who questioned the alleged sobriety that Demi claims to practice, after she nearly lost her life from an overdose in 2018.

The event happened in the transmission of the most recent episode of the podcast ‘Behind The Velvet Rope, hosted by David Yontef . Through the Apple-produced show, the 30-year-old celebrity made inflammatory remarks about 28-year-old Lovato.

The ‘Out of Death’ star, who also faced addiction problems and who, for a long time, has stayed away from vices, expressed that for her Demi’s sobriety is a lie. And I specify, “You are not sober, if you continue to drink or you are smoking cannabis, no, you are not sober,” she said emphatically.

These statements referred to the lifestyle known as ‘Californian sobriety’, which Lovato has embraced, which consists of drinking in moderation and consuming only cannabis, leaving behind other types of drugs.

On how Demi Lovato claims to be sober, although she continues to drink and use marijuana, Lala Kent specified, “I don’t like to judge, but currently I think that is super offensive (…) To say that you practice ‘Californian sobriety’ or something like that , I find it extremely offensive, “he stressed.

In this regard, she said that she has dealt with people who have really broken any relationship with any vice, which can be considered to live in sobriety and attacked making it clear that for her that ‘Californian sobriety’ is not something real.

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