Lele Pons adds style to her music and thinks about creating a family

Completely in love with music, the Venezuelan-American singer Lele Pons has been transparent in showing her followers all her facets, from her vulnerability to empowerment, with songs like “Piketona”, her most recent single with Mexican Kimberly Loaiza.

“‘Piketona’ comes from piquete, to have a picket is to have ‘flow’, ‘swag’, style, it’s a saying from Puerto Rico. For me, a piketona woman in the industry would be Zendaya, her style is so incredible, and she is such a person. independent, she does everything, she is her boss. ‘Piketona’ is to have a diva vibe”, the Venezuelan singer tells this Friday on her way through Mexico.

Lele met Kimberly thanks to her “influencer” friend Nicole Garcia when the three of them went on a little boat trip. After a whole day of water skiing and having spent hours talking with the 24-year-old content creator, Lele invited her to her house and there began what she now calls a great friendship.

In the last Halloween celebration, almost as a metaphor, the three internet stars dressed up as the cartoon “The Powerpuff Girls” (Powerpuff Girls) and after that event, it was when together they considered the first possibility of making a song.

“I love her, she is a very humble woman and a very good person,” says Lele Pons.


For Lele, it is difficult not to consider the possibility of creating a family. She is currently very much in love with her partner, the Puerto Rican reggaeton player Guaynaa, and assures that although her professional career continues to rise, her sentimental situation has already made her visualize herself as a mother of a family.

“I think my relationship has influenced me to have more of the idea of ​​life as a mother and children. That’s personally, but when it comes to working he pushes me a lot and I push him. We love each other very much and we help” , reveals the 25-year-old.

When asked if she already wants to get married, Lele replies that it depends entirely on the “Rebota” singer.

“That’s not in me, it’s in him. He has to say it and if he asks me one day, I’ll say yes or no depending on whether I’m happy with him or angry, who knows,” he says.

Another of the things that Guaynaa has helped her with is to improve her Spanish, a situation that she herself notes in her music.

“My boyfriend is Puerto Rican, he only speaks to me in Spanish, my mom speaks to me in Spanish and I moved to Miami, and now I’m starting to have more friends in Mexico,” says Lele, who was recently in the country to attend the wedding. of the sister of his best friend, the “influencer” Juan Pablo Zurita.


Pons assures that moving from the world of social networks to the music industry has not been easy due to public criticism.

“Although there are fans and people who support you, it’s difficult because people are very traditional and if you don’t come from the world and in the traditional way they see you as something different and they push you a little bit,” says Chayanne’s niece, who has almost 48 million followers on Instagram.

However, that does not bother her and, as if that were not enough, she dreams of taking another step in her career by entering the world of cinema as a director.

“All I do is write stories, I do that alone. I don’t write my songs but I write the ideas, the music videos. (…) I see myself directing movies or ‘shows’ in the future, it’s something that I really want to do music and direct”, says the young woman who has been in the business for 9 years and who started recording comedy videos for social networks.

Finally, Pons confesses that she is already working on a script for a movie that she can’t say anything about, and on the doorstep, she has the creation of more music, participation as a judge in a Netflix project, a podcast job for YouTube.

And, according to what he says between laughs, “a son”, to deny it immediately afterward.

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