Lolita: “I Don’t Know How To Give Myself Half Measures”

The Spanish artist Lolita Flores affirms that she does not know how to act or sing “half measures” and puts her heart in everything she does, be it in music, film, or television, hence the name of her tour “Todo de me”, which concludes this Sunday in the Dominican Republic.

“I don’t know how to give myself half measures, not even when I’m on a television program, or in a series or in a movie or whatever, I have to do it with my heart because, if not, it shows a lot and I don’t know how to lie in that sense, “Lolita said in an interview in Santo Domingo.

Next Sunday’s recital in Santo Domingo is the closing of a 12-day tour, part of the “Todo de me” tour that, previously, has taken her to San Juan, Puerto Rico, and Miami, United States.

A show for which the artist has prepared “some surprise” in addition to her usual hits, such as “I will not renounce”, “Sarandonga”, “Love, love” and “Stupid”.

He will also pay a small tribute to his mother, Lola Flores, his father, Antonio “El Pescaílla”, and his brother, Antonio Flores, as he advanced.

Lolita’s bond with the American public, the one that has “made her great”, has the same years as her musical career.

After 46 years coming to Latin America “my songs continue to be known, they are growing with me (…) They continue to love Lolita, they continue to admire Lolita and they continue to want me to sing the same songs that I have been singing for a long time, and They keep asking me, the theaters keep filling me, and that for me is a great, great pride “.

An off-road woman, the artist tells of her frenetic activity in recent years combining theater, television, and cinema, to which she has added the creation of her theatrical production company, Laurel.

However, as a result of the pandemic, “I said no, that’s it. You are not twenty years old, you have to look a little for yourself. I prefer to be healthy and be able to enjoy mine more.”

“It is time to” dedicate me to spending more time at home, to be more aware of my son, my daughter, my grandson, to be able to go to be with my sister at her house, to enjoy her, to enjoy my friends To be able to go to a cinema, to a theater … Not to arrive at my house blown up and spend two days. I am turning my birthday and I need the affection of my people more. That is what the pandemic has led me to, to be more of a clique with my people

On her Instagram, which she manages herself, as well as her Facebook account, she announced what the Americas was going to do like this: “I’m going to America to sing to you with half my heart because I have left the other half in Spain with my children and my family “, but always” with the soul and with the entrails, because that’s how I know how to do it. I don’t know how to do it any other way. “

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