Lori Harvey and Michael B. Jordan’s Breakup Is Addressed by Steve Harvey

Following Lori Harvey’s divorce with boyfriend Michael B. Jordan, Steve Harvey discussed why the Creed star is still a “nice man.”

After his breakup with Lori Harvey, Steve Harvey wishes Michael B. Jordan well.

Lori’s father verified allegations that his daughter and the Creed actor were splitting up on The Steve Harvey Morning Show on June 6. Steve joked about how he felt about the relationship coming to an end “I’m in good shape. I’m perfectly fine… I still have to report to work… I still have to look after my family.”

“I’m 100 % on Lori’s side,” he added. “She is my child. I adore her and stand at her side.”

Steve went on to say that having a successful relationship in the spotlight is difficult. “Look, as long as everyone can go their separate ways in peace, let’s be friends… I haven’t heard anyone mention they shattered any windows or anything like that “he stated “I don’t care what you do as long as you don’t put your hands on my daughter.”

“From what I’ve heard, he’s still a kind guy. It’s the end of a relationship. I’m confident they’ll be alright. People get divorced all the time “Before mentioning his personal relationship history, Steve, who has been married three times, noted. “I only wish I could have broken up without having to pay for it! I’ve got to start learning from my kids, and I’ve got to get out of here early! I had waited far too long.”

Lori, 25, and Michael, 35, fueled romance rumours in late 2020 and went Instagram official in January 2021. The two appeared to be inseparable after that, taking vacations across the world together and sharing tributes to each other on social media.

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