Luis Fonsi launches limited edition jacket with support from Hot Wheels

Luis Fonsi launches a limited edition leather jacket with a collector’s vocation, with his design and only 21 pieces for sale, which includes as a gift a version of the Puerto Rican artist’s Ford Bronco car made by the toy car manufacturer Hot Wheels.

A statement released Tuesday notes that the die-cast Ford Bronco collectible will be available exclusively with the purchase of the limited-edition leather jacket beginning November 5.

The hand-painted version of the Fonsi car will be included with the leather jacket, available for purchase exclusively at the internet address D73.com.

Having spent his childhood around his father’s car business sparked in Fonsi a fascination for all things automotive.

“The little boy within me is so excited to be a part of this project, and it is a dream come true to be able to be here working alongside these incredible creative minds,” said Fonsi.

The statement highlights that working with Hot Wheels has allowed the artist to take advantage of that childhood nostalgia and unite it with his current passion for making music.

For this 2021 Ford Bronco custom build, Fonsi selected a cactus gray base, a cooler neutral than its usual black.

He went on to add custom orange accents for color and the finishing touch is an amalgamation of the LF logo itself with the iconic Hot Wheels flames.

The leather jacket features a runner style and custom accents with cool grays and bright oranges.

The additional badges feature the number 68 to represent the year Hot Wheels was founded, the number 21, which has a special meaning for Fonsi being the number on the jersey of his hero, Puerto Rican baseball player Roberto Clemente, as well as a design of a skull with headphones for that rock star touch.

The exclusive hand-painted Hot Wheels version of Fonsi’s 2021 Ford Bronco will come as a gift with the purchase of the jacket, which retails for $ 1,200.

A capsule collection of additional apparel will launch simultaneously and will include two additional leather jackets (for both men and women), hats, and hoodies.

A second collection is scheduled for the week of November 15 and will include a polo shirt and t-shirts.

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